"STUDIO YPSILON" was born in Milan, Italy in November 1986.


In March 1992, the ladies collection has started.


Since then, it has been sold in major boutiques, such as IVO MILAN and Mariza Tassy.


He also participated twice a year in “Moda Italia” at Hotel Okura Tokyo.


In March 2002, the men's collection has started.


Men's clothing has been sold in major Italian boutiques, such as Dantone and Sugar .


In 2004, he exhibited at Hortensia de Hutten Fair in Paris.


In February 2006, he received the Inside Award Grand Prize at the White & NEOZONE international exhibition in Milan.


In conjunction with this, in January 2007, before the Milan Fashion Week, we exhibited for the first time at Pitti UOMO in Florence .


Since then, buyers from around the world to visit the studio.


In November 2016, at the 30th anniversary of the brand, we will announce a collaboration with Dutch painter Martin Vanderjagt, a longtime friend of Yoshinobu Funabashi.


What is Double Face ...


The double face means that  two single pieces of fabrics glued together.


With a single piece of fabric but both sides are the front, we can make clothes lighter than usual.


The fabric, which is carefully opened one by one and sewn with a sewing machine, is finally completed by hand sewing.


Double face was originally developed as a rain shield for horses in the UK.


A huge hit as a clothing item in the 1960s.


The double face that hit the revival in the 1980s can make an elegant silhouette.

It is still used by major maison.


STUDIO YPSILON, who is good at in double face, puts top priority on products made by craftsmen who are particular about quality.


Funabashi Yoshinobu


1950 Born in Nagasaki Prefecture


1973 Graduated from Waseda University


1980 Traveled to Italy


        He made a contracts with GIORGIA PERPER SIGHEIYA

        in Bologna as a patterner, and created collections.


1981 He joined collection of HOMNIBUS,BLUMARINE,BAGUTTA,         TUTTI INSIEME,TRUSSARDI, COIN etc...

1986 STUDIO YPSILON established in Milan


1992 Ladies collection started


1997 Fashion show held in Nagasaki


2000 Opened showroom at VIA MANZONI 25 in Milan


2002 Started men's collection


2004 Exhibited at HORTENSIA DE HUTTEN FAIR in Paris


2006 Milan participates in WHITE & NEOZONE exhibition.

        Wins INSIDE AWARD award


2007 PITTI UOMO exhibition TOUCH in Florence


2016 Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the brand